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The price of digging a hole

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Admittedly, in the early 80s and living in half-ass-socialist Yugoslavia, I was well indoctrinated by western propaganda and in constant search of anything new that could be used to prove to my pals that the socialist system was the wrong one. Industrial design, that I was alumnus of, is not the same as journalism so mostly all I had as a tool was my logic and sometimes plain logic fallacy, as in this example.

I would state the following. If you use a shovel to dig a hole in Yugoslavia you will earn some 300 German marks per month. If you go to Germany and do the equal work, you’ll earn 1200 German marks. But for 300GM in Yugoslavia you couldn’t purchase even tiny YUGO car, or rent a decent flat. In contrast, for 1200GM in Germany you could rent a flat and have a second hand Volkswagen polo.

So the question: “Where the hell is the 900GM gone”? was followed by the answer: “They stole it from you, dumbass”!

That was my logic fallacy. Supporting explanation was that the government used corrupted so-called equal socialist system, that was rigged only to provide the privilege and benefit for the ruling caste. Meanwhile using the propaganda, surveillance and police to persuade unprivileged into thinking exactly the opposite.

Fast forward some 35 years into the present time. I live in Spain, under some young and mostly unwanted king and in a kind of democracy that is based on "pedal to the metal" liberal capitalism. It is supported by massive surveillance, propaganda lies and militarised police. And now, digging a hole in Spain will hopefully earn you 700€ per month and in Germany you will earn 1400€.

So should I use the same fallacy again? What system is to be supported this time around? Could I pull some communism from the trash bin just for a fun? Perhaps, it was not at all the blatant use of logic fallacy. Could that be simply the logic of a young man that yet had to understand the inconvenient truth: the class battle is forever and everywhere…

Where to fuck is my money!