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The European Union and the kings of tomorrow

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Occasionally, we find democracy working as intended. But for that to happen the interests of ruling class (kings of today) have to come into alignment with the interests of ruled class (subjects of today). For example, commercial airplanes are rarely falling from the skies because the kings of today fly in them too. For that reason airline industry is heavily regulated. And as certain class interests have coincided, the illusion of democracy is preserved.

In that sense, the European Union is nothing more then a peace treaty between the rulers of postwar European states (kings of yesterday) that is shared with a desire of their subjects to be spared of any future wars. We were all badly hurt in 1914-45 not excluding the kings of past, when the evil ghost of colonialism finally returned home.

Presently, the new generation of European rulers (kings of tomorrow) is coming of age and they are making the move (installing themselves). And how do they do that? They use mixture of nationalism and patriotism combined with hatred and the obligatory splash of religion. In the land of Allah we call it islamic fundamentalism. In the land of Jesus, i.e. Europe and her cultural offshoots like U.S.A, it’s called fascism.

Their Islamic fundamentalism is our fascism. Same thing. That is also default position for white, christian and liberal capitalist state. We rarely see it because it is hidden in front of our eyes. It’s the default state of our souls too. One have to actually force himself not to be fascist. Politicly speaking there is nothing either left or right about it. It’s an essential part of our culture... all.the.time.

Let us hope that our mutual interests will align once again. A modern and prosperous Europe, where the kings of tomorrow are pleased with their new positions and where all those violent fascist subjects are returned back to the football stadiums.

If not, I’ll run for the hills.